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Who We Are?

Passion defines us

We are a group of passionate storytellers who believe in telling and helping others tell great stories. Stories are all around us. Each day brings us a plethora of experiences that leave a lasting impact. Often when we read or see a story, our imagination takes flight. These moments are fleeting when they occur, but put in a wider context, are just magical. Our objective is to recreate this same magic on the biggest platform there is - MOVIES. We focus, on not 3-hour marathons, but the tiny bite sized doses of magic.

Join us, and tell the world your story. Don’t have a story? We have tons. All we need is passion.

The goal is to,
Keep it tiny.
Keep it short.

We are Tiny Little Shorts.

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"It's not about how hard you can hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.".

(Rocky Balboa)

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Surender Singh

the buck stops here

Sumit Jain

calls the shots

Mukund Marathe

show stopper

Saaz Mantra

Sounds good

Vikram Bhatla

What you see is what you get

Vikas Dhurka

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Deserves a great recognition!!

Deserves a great recognition!! A short clipping that is 'MUST BE VIEWED BY ALL PARENTS AND ALL KIDS!' of adolescence! A very good team effort to spread an extremely important message...keep up the good work.... congrats... God bless .

Deepak Palande

Wow, it's an outstanding short film

Wow, it's an outstanding short film, many parent's never understand the mental trauma the kids undergo, it affects their studies, sports, innovative learning and eventually they become introverts and inferiority complex makes them loose their capabilities and become depressed and pessimistic in all their approaches The paramount duty of parents is to give a congenial atmosphere at home. Spend more time with the kids. Appreciation in all their work motivates them to grow as a responsible citizen. Hats off to Yaduvir Singh and the other crew members.

Sunita Bhardwaj

A beautiful short film

A beautiful short film by that brings to life in a nice story the very expressive Yaduvir (his son). I have seen this Dangal-like father son story since I have known Surender. You don't have to wait a decade for this to be enacted by an Aamir Khan. So click on the link now and enjoy! Rajiv Nema, you have a acting range scaling from Palekar to Patekar!

Natraj Kumar

The film would heal a lot of wounds

The film would heal a lot of wounds in a lot of children who cannot articulate their mental traumas and would bring a ray of light into their dark spaces. Kudos to the makers!

Satish Kuhar

This smart and elegantly shot poignant film

This smart and elegantly shot poignant film about the importance of loved ones and loving each other unconditionally is a must watch, this holiday season!

Vikas Dhurka

A short and sweet short movie about family

A short and sweet short movie about family and love with a magical twist .. Film is beautifully shot and directed but real treat is Yaduvir's acting who shines throughout the film despite of rubbing shoulders with veterans like Rajiv Nema .. A must watch for holidays!

Ashok Vijay

Coming Soon


A simple phone call to an automated system turns into a humorous battle of wits.

Our History

Travel Through Time With Us!

  • Submerged

    Submerged is an inspirational story of a little boy who is surrounded by bully kids in the neighborhood and dysfunctional family at home.

  • A scene from Submerged

    Child actor in the film was himself a victim of bully kids in the neighborhood. After the film was completed he showed it to those kids and they became best friends after watching the film!

  • A scene from Submerged

    Harish Agasya and Kamala Subramaniam are well known actors in San Francisco Bay Area.
    Harish has worn multiple hats as an actor, director, producer and playwright in Naatak, a theater community in Bay Area. Kamala has acted in many popular theater plays in Naatak, Noises Off and Rabbit Hole are her recent plays which coincidently were both directed by Harish.

  • Family-Do you hear what I hear?

    Family is the story of a mute boy who receives a mysterious game of Dumb Charades on Christmas. Strange things happen when his family decides to play the game.

  • A scene from Family

    After watching Family you will never look at the game of Dumb Charades in the same way again!

  • A scene from Family

    Rajiv Nema, a very well known film and theater personality giving a perfect shot any director can dream of. Someone once said he has acting range scaling from Palekar to Patekar!

  • The Trap - a short thriller

    A man trapped in the web of his secrets is driven to do the unimaginable. Is it the suffocating air of guilt or the voice of his own conscience?

  • A scene from The Trap

    Sanjay Narvekar, a well known name in Marathi film and theater industry. He has also featured in many award winning films/roles in Hindi cinema.
    His portrayal of Sanjay Dutt's sidekick 'Dedh Phutiya' in the popular Hindi film Vaastav: The Reality was appreciated by critics and audiences alike.

  • A scene from The Trap

    A creative at heart, Amit has been involved with diverse theater productions across the San Francisco Bay Area. His film and TV work includes short films, Arranged Marriage and Smothered, which have been selected at various international film festivals.

  • A scene from The Trap

    While Sareeka's primary passion is acting, having had the privilege to work with different groups in the bayarea; she has also produced/directed plays and hosted her own radio show.

  • A scene from जीते हैं चल - Let's Live

    जीते हैं चल - Let's Live: is about the plight of farmers in India through the eyes of a kid who is constantly under the fear that his father will also commit suicide. This film is our salute to the strength of a brave spirit that ultimately prevails against all odds.

  • A scene from जीते हैं चल - Let's Live

    Yaduvir Singh loves acting and coming in front of the camera. He is a very talented and calm actor who speaks with his eyes. Yaduvir showed great motivation and dedication for this film and patiently followed directors Instructions under 40 degrees heat!

  • A scene from जीते हैं चल - Let's Live

    Narendra Kumar lives in Village Chatana, Sonipat, India. Originally a different actor was supposed to play the lead role but when the director saw Narendra who had come to watch the shoot, he picked Narendra and replaced the lead actor purely based on his looks and appearances. Later Narendra did wonders with his spontaneous acting and director was glad that he found him.

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